King Abdullah II visit to MSS

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His Majesty King Abdullah II, within his tour to the south, visited the Marine Science Station in Aqaba, an integrated research center concerned with marine sciences research and the coastal environment.

His Majesty the King reviewed the Marine aquarium in the station, which is a tourist destination for visitors to the city of Aqaba, and has a role in spreading marine environmental awareness, as well as the quality of sea water sediment and coral and biotechnology laboratories.

During the visit, His Majesty the King listened to a briefing from the station's director, Dr. Ali Al-Sawalmeh, on the station's role in implementing the Jordanian coast monitoring programs, to measure the quality of water and sediments on a monthly basis, and to ensure the safety of marine life of fish and corals, in cooperation with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.

Al-Sawalmeh highlighted the importance of marine biodiversity, especially the coral reefs that characterize the Gulf of Aqaba, in supporting the national economy, by attracting tourists and visitors. He pointed out that the sustainability of marine life and the preservation and cultivation of coral is one of the research priorities of the Marine Science Station, due to its great importance in sustaining the marine ecosystem.

It is noteworthy that the Marine Science Station, which was established in the mid-seventies, is built on an area of ​​30 acres, and it has a waterfront area of ​​400 meters. It is owned by the Jordanian and Yarmouk universities, and works to establish partnerships with international research institutions.

The station includes laboratories for sea water quality and sediments, marine physics, coral, biotechnology, fish farming unit, laboratories and educational halls that are visited by students of the Faculty of Marine Sciences at the University of Jordan / Aqaba branch, in addition to the boats and diving units.

His Majesty was accompanied by the President of the Royal Hashemite Court, the Adviser of His Majesty for Communication and Coordination, and the Adviser of His Majesty for Policies and Information, and President of the University of Jordan - Aqaba Branch.

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